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Mission Statement:

Our ambition at Raven AS is to combine intellectual rigour with an informed and hands-on approach both at management/HQ and field level, and above all to deliver flexible risk assessment products that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We understand that the overarching aims and specific objectives of different organisations, even in the same industry, can vary considerably by project and by programme, and we place understanding our client’s goals and requirements at the heart of every solution that we deliver.

We operate an internal client learning cycle to ensure that we are constantly assessing the needs of our clients in order to optimise our service delivery, and are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and conforming to recognised industry best practice.

We believe that the best way to properly assess a security environment is through local networks and on the ground, and our field staff are trained to operate worldwide across regions with variable threat levels.

We place great value on linguistic and cultural experience and aside from Norwegian and English, our team has advanced capabilities in German, French, Spanish, and multiple dialects of Arabic. Furthermore, we always seek to engage with trusted local partners to ensure that we have the most complete picture of the situation on the ground in any country or broader region in which we operate on behalf of our clients.