A robust and responsive platform. Delivering real-time security support.

Making sure your people are never off the grid

Raven Strategy’s tech platform lets you keep track of where your staff are when they’re in the field. It gives security managers access to real-time information to help them make critical decisions.


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Straightforward, not simplistic – helps you stay calm under pressure.


 Stress tested by humanitarian staff in the field, and security professionals in the office, to make sure we can deliver what we promise.


Built to address specific needs, not just to look smooth.


Designed to improve communication between staff in the field and their security managers with the minimum of fuss.

A robust and responsive platform delivering

real-time security support.

Raven Strategy’s tech solutions are practical tools for security managers with staff in the field. They are designed and built in collaboration with experienced security specialists to ensure they address specific needs.

We provide essential tools crafted by the industry they are made to serve, which are extensively field tested and rigorously checked before deployment by our partners.


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Anticipate and plan for serious incidents to prevent reputational and financial damage to your organisation.