Raven Strategy’s services are designed to reduce your exposure to risk. By giving you greater insight into your organisation’s attitude to risk and security, Raven Strategy can help prevent legal proceedings, reputational damage and loss of donor income.

Every client is unique

We understand that every client has unique needs, and we tailor our services to your structures and goals, both on the ground and at a managerial level. 

Our aim is to ensure that your field staff and infrastructure are as well prepared and protected as possible.


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Our risk management system can be applied both at a headquarters level and to on-going and planned operations in the field. By using Raven Strategy to assess and implement our risk management system at both levels you can reduce costs and enhance safety across your entire organisations.

Internal risk assessment and advisory services

We will embed our experts within your organisation to build a detailed risk response and exposure profile. By understanding your procedures, and making use of your own human experience and insight, we will improve security and risk management structures at every level of your organisation.

Field risk assessment and advisory services

We deploy our experts to your organisation’s field locations to build a detailed risk profile of the immediate area of operations and of the wider country or region. This risk profile is used to recommend the optimal security and risk management solutions for that field location. A field risk profile takes into account local security conditions as well as the broader cultural and political environment to recommend the most appropriate risk mitigation structures.

Areas of operation

Raven Strategy improves security structures for organisations who deploy staff worldwide.

Our team of security experts has hands-on experience in a number of different fields of risk management and locations across the globe.

How we work


Since every client is different, you get an expert that works in and alongside your organisation in order to build a detailed risk response and exposure profile.

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Put information to work


Anticipate and plan for serious incidents to prevent reputational and financial damage to your organisation.